Golf services

Transform your backyard into a mini golf haven with our artificial grass solutions! At RAG, we specialize in crafting miniature golf courses that bring endless entertainment right to your doorstep. Picture lush, low-maintenance artificial turf creating the perfect putting greens, challenging obstacles, and a delightful landscape for family fun.

Our expert team designs and installs custom mini golf courses tailored to fit your backyard space seamlessly. Say goodbye to the hassle of mowing, watering, and constant upkeep, and hello to a backyard oasis that’s ready for play, rain or shine.

Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or just looking to add a unique touch to your outdoor space, our artificial grass mini golf courses offer the ideal blend of aesthetics and recreation. Turn your backyard into a hub of entertainment with RAG– where artificial grass meets endless play possibilities.


Elevate your outdoor living with our artificial landscape solutions tailored for your home. At RAG, we specialize in creating stunning, low-maintenance landscapes that redefine curb appeal.

Imagine a front yard that stays vibrantly green year-round, requiring minimal upkeep and water. Our premium artificial grass seamlessly mimics the look and feel of natural turf, providing a lush foundation for your outdoor haven.

From picturesque lawns to precision-designed hardscapes, our expert team at Royal Artificial Grass transforms your vision into reality. Embrace the beauty of nature without the hassle, as our artificial landscape solutions bring durability and aesthetics to the forefront.


Transform your backyard into a haven of joy with our artificial playground landscapes at Royal Articial Grass. We specialize in crafting vibrant, safe, and low-maintenance play areas that inspire laughter and adventure.

Imagine a colorful, soft surface beneath the swings and slides that stays resilient and inviting, regardless of the weather. Our premium artificial turf ensures a consistently cushioned play surface, offering a perfect blend of safety and fun for your little ones.

At RAG, we take pride in creating custom playground landscapes that cater to the unique needs and preferences of your family. Say goodbye to mud and maintenance headaches, and hello to a dynamic outdoor space that encourages creativity and active play.

Whether you’re creating a backyard wonderland for your own children or enhancing a community space, our artificial playground landscapes combine durability, safety, and aesthetics. Reimagine playtime with RAG – where artificial landscapes meet the boundless energy of childhood.